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 [TUT]How to increase 'VIRTUAL RAM'

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PostSubject: [TUT]How to increase 'VIRTUAL RAM'   Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:25 am

Hello all; Here's a quick tutorial on how to increase your virtual RAM.

[Changes]: This uses more memory but gives more performance.

1. Go to 'Control Panel' - Start -> Control Panel
2. Go to the 'Uncategorised' view and click 'System'
3. On the Tabs at the top; Select the 'Advanced tab'
4. When on the 'Advanced Tab' click 'Performance Settings Button'
5. A Window should pop-up and should have three Tabs. Click the 'Advanced' tab again.
6. At the bottom it will say 'Virtual Memory/RAM' click the 'Change Button'
7. Click the correct hard-drive and type in a number (I'd reccomend 1000MB - 2000MB). - 1000MB = 1GB
8. Finally click 'Apply' and there you go!

I hope I have helped!
If you experience any issues, contact me.
- Mayo.
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uber 1337 pwnerer
uber 1337 pwnerer

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PostSubject: Re: [TUT]How to increase 'VIRTUAL RAM'   Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:53 am

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[TUT]How to increase 'VIRTUAL RAM'
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